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Top 3 Digital Innovations for 2021

Digital Innovations 2021: The latest digital innovations you should include in your 2021 marketing plans

At Unicom, we are a team of strategists, researchers, creatives and digital media buyers, united to deliver expertise in the world of Higher Education Marketing.

Allocating 80% of your budget to performance channels – ones you know deliver on lead generation, leaves 20% of your budget for innovation channels. These newer, less crowded channels cut through the noise to make student communication routes more effective. Here are our top tips.

  1. Connect to your audience using TikTok

This highly engaging media platform utilises short video clips to create fun and amusing content. With 850 million active users, 57% of its users aged between 13-24, it’s a great way to raise brand awareness among student cohorts.

TikTok has made our list of recommendations due to its rapid growth and potential to reach audiences both in the UK and globally – it has over 2 billion downloads worldwide!

With a Click Through Rate of 92% and average Cost Per Click as low as £0.19 – it’s a no-brainer for your Higher Education Marketing strategy.

  1. Consider using Ecosia to capture audiences who are actively searching

The fast-rising, eco-friendly search engine uses money generated from ad revenue to plant trees. Ecosia can be accessed using the Bing advertising network, which allows you to target by device, location, search terms, time or day, and website retargeting.

Ecosia has seen a 126% increase in Higher Education sector traffic and some Universities are now transitioning to this search engine on campus – demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, something which appeals to the new generation of students.

  1. Convert your target audience using WhatsApp

With the newest business integrations, this go-to messaging app facilitates engagement and communication with potential and current students.

Used by 80% of 18-24-year olds in the U.K. and 1.5 billion people in 180 countries, the ubiquity of WhatsApp among your target demographic makes it ideal for local, national and international student recruitment campaigns.

Its top features include automated messaging, quick replies, chatbot integration and CRM integration, including all the main CRM systems such as Gecko, HubSpot, Salesforce & Dynamics.

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