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Ecosia on Campus: Sustainability in Student Marketing

Creating unity between university and students is paramount to getting the best quality cohort year on year. With 87% of universities wanting to take sustainability seriously, and 62% of student actively taking steps to be more sustainable; this is one area of unity. But how can you showcase your sustainability credentials in student marketing? 

In comes Ecosia, the brand-new search engine providing the same benefits as Google, but with a unique position of sustainability through searching.

A third of Ecosia’s current users are 18-34 years old and 87% of universities want to start taking sustainability seriously. Ecosia creates the ideal combination of effective student marketing, whilst changing the world for future generations and sustainability in the long term. 

By putting their profits into reforestation and sustainability projects, Ecosia helps institutions with their CSR and brand image. By using Ecosia, it displays universities intention to build a better and sustainable future. Through reforestation, it helps improve local agriculture, which generates reliable food and water sources. Other benefits include reviving local economies through tourism, restoring native species habitats and promoting alternatives to palm oil. The question now is, how can the HE sector use Ecosia as a way to resonate with students?

The Ecosia on Campus campaign encourages universities to make Ecosia the default search engine on campuses worldwide. Students are more aware about the issues surrounding the world and the climate which makes them passionate about changing the planet; Ecosia is a good indicator that your university feels the same way.

An example of a UK university which has embraced Ecosia is the University of Sheffield. They have realised the potential in promoting sustainability, with 14k direct website visits via Ecosia in 2020, a number which is rising continuously.

Additionally, Ecosia sells merchandise, creating a sense of purpose to engage with sustainability, whilst providing tangible evidence of your contribution to a better future. One t-shirt purchase equates to the planting of 20 trees, talk about ROI! From clothing to wall art, Ecosia creates the perfect aesthetic for students to bring sustainability into fashion (literally). 

Social media has encouraged students to have a platform to share their thoughts and passions to their followers. Ecosia combines this to not only generate awareness but also to educate people. Ecosia’s website provides a platform for students to engage with content such as case studies to increase knowledge on the subject of sustainability. Transparency is key to engaging with younger audiences, and Ecosia leaves nothing to be assumed, they even post their financial reports in infographic form!

They are promoting a clear message across their social media channels. Content includes real-life project updates on YouTube and podcasts to educate students on their way to campus through their website. Also, by being active on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the complete educational experience is available, something which universities claim they provide themselves. Through using Ecosia, this ideal becomes a reality.

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