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Perfecting your performance channels for 2021

We allocate 80% of budgets to performance channels – ones we know deliver on lead generation. But performance channels are not static, they grow and adapt, so you should to!

Spotlight on search

We’ve found that 60% of HE campaigns are driven by google search, and this statistic is slightly high for Russell Group Universities – here are 3 types of search you should integrate into your marketing strategy.

  1. Exact Match

Exact match search can find new markets across the globe using a hyper targeted strategy, actively looking for users who are looking for you. These campaigns consistently perform above benchmark, observing CTR’s in excess of 11%.

  1. Responsive search ads

Responsive search ads allow you to enter multiple options for headlines and descriptions, over time google will test different combinations of these and learn which perform best for you. This a/b split testing is ideal for identifying on-point messaging with your audience – except google does this for you!

  1. Lead forms

You can generate leads more effectively with Google Search lead form extensions. This newly refined feature allows students and influencers to enquire with your University, and thanks to Googles collaborations with Zapier, it can be easily integrated with your CRM systems. 

Spotlight on Social

Currently 66% of the UK population use social media (a 2.9% increase for 2020) and 28% of students say social media was an important factor when making University decisions. The channels you imbed in your campaign strategy, may depend on your objectives and the age group you target. 

New Features 

With more Instagram Guides being rolled out this year, it could be the perfect digital platform for your new University prospectus!

Facebook Groups are about creating communities, and with its new features; linking your official page to the group, joining questionnaires (lead generation tool) and clear call-to-actions that link bank to your University website or Facebook page. This could easily be used to segment your audience and provide a platform for parents of students to engage.

Augmented reality is set to become huge in the coming years and social channels are experimenting. YouTube’s Try On feature uses augmented reality to allow users to become immersed in video content. Mostly popular with beauty channels at the moment, we would keep an eye on how this develops.

If you’d like to focus on performance channels when running a campaign – get in touch here.

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