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Student Personas – There’s more than meets the eye

Each university is perceived differently, so why are students seen as homogeneous? Students aren’t the same and are looking for different things whilst applying to university, which matches their aspirations and personalities as they prepare to embark on this new exciting journey of their lives. 

A new sports centre, an upgraded library, or Russell Group affiliation may all be plus points, and at face value might be a standout for students on open days.. However, the students of today no longer base their decisions off of face value, with authenticity held in high regard when making their decision on where to study. 

Students are continuously looking for a more holistic and complete university experience, something which is becoming even more crucial year-on-year. Combine this with long-term aspirations, student marketing campaigns need to display how your university can create the best overall offering and meet the aspirations of your potential students, not just heightened career prospects.

The saying: First impressions count and in the context of student marketing, it resonates more. A generic one-size-fits-all campaign won’t get you the best variety of students. With so many different social channels, where marketing content is adapted to accommodate each platform’s strengths, why isn’t content tailored to accommodate different student personalities? Speaking to students within their hotspots is essential, along with using the strengths and agility of these platforms to create exciting and engaging content based around individual interests. This will add a personal touch to your content and generate more web traffic as a result.  

Here at Unicom, we have taken over 260k different data points and condensed them into five different personas to allow your university to begin segmenting your marcomms. Additionally, it promotes creating more tailored and interpersonal student marketing campaigns to get the best cohort possible! 

Our research is extensive and robust, providing extremely detailed student profiles. Personal information ranging from social status and affluence, hobbies and interests, even life goals and role models, are all included! Furthermore, we provide a detailed analysis of how they spread their time across social media, and what this means for your engagement strategies, media recommendations, and so much more!

This information can help your institution become savvier with their marketing spend by targeting those who are the perfect fit for your university, increasing conversion rates with it. More importantly, you can gain an even deeper understanding of your potential students and begin improving your organisation’s reputation for clearing and open days. 

Download our research to find out everything you need to know about your student audience and begin broadening your student marketing and reach capabilities.

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