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Virtual Open Days: Make Your Online Experience Stand Out

Virtual Open Days have become the norm for recruiting students. Generating applications begins by getting students to experience your brand and University – virtual open days are a key tool.

Despite being online, 69% of students said Open Days are an important part of their decision-making process and moving forward 48% of students would prefer a blended approach, even after restrictions end. No wonder students are now open to a new way of doing university!

The benefits of virtual open days:

  • Cost effective – online Open Days reduce the need for costly signage, print costs and freebies.
  • Easy to implement – once your systems are set up, online Open Days can be replicated with ease.
  • Widens your geographic net – geographic barriers are removed with online events, meaning you can engage with students across the country.
  • Allows you to build tailored experiences – the flexibility of online Open Days means you can run bitesize sessions by faculty, by course or to show off your facilities.
  • Data, Data, Data – taking your Open Days online means you get access to real time insights and have the ability to test, learn and optimise your experience like never before.

Virtual events can also be used during clearing, so students can view what you offer. With more virtual events than ever, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. It’s important that virtual events encourage engagement and not just attendance, ensuring students get a feel for your University – avoiding Open Day fatigue.

Stand Out and Engage Students

Impactful campaigns need to stay with the students or else they become just another typical Open Day. Many Open Days are similar in their content, but persuasive messaging should be emotive. Choosing a University needs to “feel right”!

Making the most of all opportunities to engage potential students is crucial. There are several touchpoints throughout the process, which start prior to the event.

New digital platforms, channels and search engines are emerging.  Within student recruitment, Google, Ecosia, TikTok and WhatsApp are heating up and figures show that 38% of TikTok users are not on Facebook, 45% not on Instagram and 80-90% of sessions have been generated from TikTok.

Using platforms such as Zoom or Hijack can be great tools to help create a more intimate personal experience for students. Utilising Zoom’s breakout rooms to host live Q&A sessions for smaller groups of prospective students, promoting engagement activities such as polls, social media takeovers and event hashtags, guarantee these prospective students receive the information necessary to make their final decision.

If you want to host Virtual Open Days, but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us for help.

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